10+ Free Delivery Slip Templates – Excel, DOC, PDF

A delivery slip is an important part of any business that sends out goods or services. It’s a legal document that serves as proof of delivery, and it should include the date, time, type of product delivered, signature of the recipient, and other relevant information. Delivery slip templates are designed to help businesses efficiently create and manage these slips. Although there are different types of slip templates but in this post we will be focussing on delivery slip templates only.

Types of Delivery Slip Templates

  • Shipping Delivery Slip Templates
  • Courier Delivery Slip Templates
  • Food Delivery Slip Templates
  • Medical Delivery Slip Templates

What is a Shipping Delivery Slip?

A shipping delivery slip is a document that records goods that have been shipped from one location to another. This document typically includes information such as the sender and receiver, the item or items being shipped, the number of items being shipped, and any special instructions for handling or delivery. The purpose of this document is to provide evidence that goods were sent from one place to another, and it is often accompanied by other documents such as an invoice or packing list.

Types of Shipping Delivery Slip Templates

There are several types of shipping delivery slip templates available for businesses to use. These include physical delivery slip templates, electronic delivery slip templates, signature delivery slip templates, and return delivery slip templates. Physical delivery slips are physical documents that must be filled out with details about your shipment before they can be processed. Electronic delivery slips are digital documents that can be emailed directly to customers without having to print them out first. Signature delivery slips allow customers to sign off on their shipments when they receive them, while return delivery slips allow customers to easily return unwanted products without any hassle.

Benefits of Using Shipping Delivery Slip Templates

Using shipping delivery slip templates has several benefits for businesses involved in logistics and transportation operations. For starters, they make record keeping much easier since all relevant information is stored in one convenient place, no more searching through stacks of paper looking for specific details! Additionally, using these templates ensures accuracy since all data must be entered into fields correctly before processing can begin eliminating potential room for error in manually-filled forms. Finally, using these templates streamlines customer communication since emails containing confirmation details can be sent quickly reducing time spent manually contacting customers.

What Is a Courier Delivery Slip?

A courier delivery slip template is basically a pre-designed document that you can use to generate professional-looking delivery slips. These documents contain all of the necessary information needed to provide your customers with an accurate record of their deliveries. This includes things like item description, date of shipment, recipient address, sender address, tracking number, and more.

Types of Courier Delivery Slip Templates

There are several different types of courier delivery slip templates available on the market today. Some are basic and straightforward while others offer more advanced features such as barcode scanning or signature fields for added security. Depending on your needs, you may want to look into one that matches your particular business requirements.

Benefits of Using Courier Delivery Slip Templates

Courier delivery slip templates provide many benefits over traditional methods such as manually writing out each individual customer’s information for every order or using old-fashioned carbon copy forms. By using these templates, you can save time by quickly generating accurate and professional-looking documents without any hassle or worry about mistakes being made in the process. Additionally, they allow you to easily track shipments and ensure that each customer receives the correct package in a timely manner.

What Is a Food Delivery Slip?

A food delivery slip template is essentially a document that lists all the items that were delivered, as well as their respective amounts. It also includes any special instructions or notes regarding the order, such as how much time was spent on delivery, what type of packaging was used, and more. This document serves both as a receipt and records keeper for your business.

The Benefits of Using a Food Delivery Slip

Using a delivery slip helps restaurants keep track of their customer’s orders in an organized manner. It allows restaurant staff to easily reference orders from past customers should they need to make any changes or adjustments. Furthermore, having all the necessary information in one place helps streamline the ordering process for both the customer and restaurant staff. For example, a delivery slip can help prevent mistakes like delivering an incorrect order or forgetting to include add-ons or extra items requested by the customer. Additionally, having a standardized format saves time as it eliminates confusion between customers and staff over what should be included on the slip.

Types of Food Delivery Slip Templates

Today there are many types of food delivery slip templates available online. Some are designed specifically for restaurants while others are more versatile and can be used by any type of business that requires deliveries. Common template types include digital documents (PDFs), spreadsheet formats (Excel), and online forms (Google Forms). Each type has its own set of features that make them better suited for certain types of businesses.

For example, an Excel spreadsheet may be more suitable for larger operations with multiple locations due to its ability to store large amounts of data in one place whereas an online form may be more convenient for smaller businesses that require frequent updates to their data due to its flexibility.

What is a Medical Delivery Slip?

A medical delivery slip is a document that accompanies a patient’s medication when it is delivered from the pharmacy to the healthcare facility. The slip contains information about the medication being delivered, such as its name, weight, dosage form, amount dispensed, and more.

It also includes information about the patient who will be receiving the medication, such as their name and address or contact details. This information helps ensure that medications are properly handled and tracked throughout their journey from the pharmacy to the patient’s bedside.

Importance of Using a Medical Delivery Slip

Medical delivery slips are essential for ensuring that medications are safely and accurately handled during their journey from the pharmacy to the patient’s bedside. With accurate information on the slips, errors can be avoided when handling medications and tracking them throughout their delivery process. Additionally, having accurate information on these slips helps reduce confusion or miscommunication between healthcare professionals involved in delivering medications to patients.

Types of Medical Delivery Slip Templates

There are many different types of medical delivery slip templates available online. Some templates are designed specifically for specific industries (e.g., hospitals or clinics). Others provide more general-purpose forms that can be used by any type of healthcare provider.

Some templates may have additional features such as barcodes or QR codes that allow easy tracking of medications during their journey from pharmacy to patient bedside. Additionally, some medical delivery slips may include additional fields for entering information related to insurance policies or other important data related to each medication shipment being sent out from the pharmacy.

The Benefits of Using Delivery Slip Templates

Whether you run a small business or manage a large eCommerce store, creating delivery slips is an essential part of the shipping process. Without them, it can be difficult to keep track of orders and ensure they are delivered correctly. Fortunately, there are many food business related templates available that help you prevent food wastage and keeping the budget in streamline.

Time Savings

Creating delivery slips one by one can be time-consuming and tedious. With a template, you can quickly generate multiple delivery slips at once without having to worry about formatting and design. This allows your team to focus on other tasks more efficiently, such as packing and shipping orders.

Customization Options

Delivery slip templates come with customization options that allow you to easily adjust the design and layout to suit your needs. You can choose from a variety of fonts, colors, and images to create the perfect template for your store or business. Additionally, some templates even offer barcode scanning capabilities so you can quickly scan each order as it arrives in-store or online. This makes it easy for customers to track their orders from start to finish.

Accurate and Reliable Delivery Information

By using a delivery slip for your business, you can make sure that all the important information about each order is included in the document accurately and reliably every time. This includes customer name and address details, the type of product being ordered, any special instructions for handling the order, and more. This helps eliminate errors in delivery information so that customers can receive their orders quickly and without any problems.

Creating a Delivery Slip Template

Creating your own delivery slip template is relatively easy. All you need to do is open up a word processing program such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs and create a new document with all of the necessary fields for each item/order being shipped. Make sure to include any special instructions for handling or delivering the items as well. Once you have finished creating your template, save it in an easily accessible location so you can quickly access it whenever you need it.

Using Your Delivery Slip Template

Once your template has been created, it’s time to start using it. Whenever you need to ship something out, simply open up your template and fill in all of the necessary fields for each item/order being shipped out. Make sure to double-check all of the information entered into each field before printing off copies for both yourself and the recipient of your shipment (if applicable). Once everything looks good, print off copies for yourself and for any applicable recipients (make sure both parties sign off on receiving their respective packages) and then attach one copy to each package being shipped out. This will ensure that everyone involved in the transaction has proof that they sent/received their items/orders accordingly.


Whether you’re shipping items domestically or internationally, having an organized system in place is essential if you want your shipments to arrive safely at their destination on time. Delivery slips are an excellent way to streamline this process by providing both sender and recipient with all of the key information needed regarding each shipment from weight and size to special instructions on one easy-to-access document.

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